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Article 1
General principles

  1. The Privacy Policy lays down the principles of processing and protection of Users’ personal data by the Personal Data Controller (the Service Provider in connection with the supply of electronic services using the website: www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl).
  2. The Personal Data Controller is JGBS Biernat & Partners S.K.A. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Grójecka 5, registered with the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Business Division of the National Court Register, under number KRS 0000688196, taxpayer identification number (NIP): 701-070-59-12, statistical identification number (REGON): 367892161, with paid-up share capital of PLN 50,000, hereinafter referred to as “the Personal Data Controller”.

Article 2

Basic terms

  1. PERSONAL DATA – meaning information that contains the name and surname, telephone number, email address and other data, including contact details, entered by the User and related to a person that is identified or identifiable as a result of entering such information when using the services supplied by the Service Provider.
  2. DATA PROCESSING – meaning any operations performed on personal data, such as collecting, recording, storing, compiling, altering, making available and deleting, in particular those performed in IT systems.
  3. VIOLATION OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION – meaning an illegal disclosure, obtainment, unauthorised access, unauthorised modification or destruction of personal data.
  4. SERVICE PROVIDER – meaning the Personal Data Controller in connection with the supply of electronic services using the website: www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl.
  5. USER – meaning a natural person using the services offered by the Service Provider in connection with the supply of electronic services using the website: www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl.

Article 3
Types of Personal Data being processed and the scope of processing

  1. Personal data are processed by collecting the data via online applications contained in the website www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl, marked as a registration form, and by storing such data and using the same for contact purposes and to supply services by the Law Firm to the natural person being the data subject.
  2. The Personal Data Controller may also process other personal data which are not necessary to use the website, but which can facilitate the use of the same or prevent access to certain functions e.g. address, taxpayer identification number (NIP).
  3. Entering personal data into the registration form is entirely voluntary and is effected by entering the same by the User being the data subject. The scope of personal data includes the name, surname, telephone number and email address. The aforesaid data are necessary to use the services.
  4. It is not required to register as a user in order to use the website: www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl. Therefore, the users are not divided into registered and unregistered ones.
  5. Should it be necessary to send electronic documents that contain third-party personal data in the course of service provision, the User is obliged to anonymise the documents by blackening or otherwise rendering illegible the third-party data. When describing a situation, the User is also obliged to anonymise third-party data.
  6. Personal data referring to the race or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, religious, party or union affiliation; data on the state of health, genetic code, addictions or sexual life; and data on convictions, rulings on penalties, fines and other judicial decisions are not collected by the Personal Data Controller. If such information is provided by the User in the course of service provision, it should be given in a way that prevents identification of the data subject.

Article 4
Purposes of Personal Data processing

  1. Personal Data are used only in connection with the User’s use of electronic services rendered by the Service Provider, in particular to obtain legal advice (or any other legal service), for accounting purposes (financial settlements with the User) and to contact the User.
  2. Users’ Personal Data can be used to send commercial or promotional information, provided that the User has consented to the same. The User can revoke such consent at any time.

Article 5
Method of Personal Data processing

  1. The Personal Data Controller is obliged to exercise due diligence to prevent violations of personal data protection.
  2. The Personal Data Controller is obliged to ensure that personal data are:
    a) processed pursuant to the law and the purpose laid down in this Privacy Policy,
    b) collected for specific, legal purposes and are not subject to further processing against those purposes,
    c) stored in a form that prevents identification of data subjects for no longer than necessary to achieve the purpose of processing.
  3. The data must not be processed for purposes other than provided in this Privacy Policy.
  4. The Personal Data Controller and persons authorised to process personal data are obliged to apply technical and organisational measures to ensure protection of personal data being processed. The aforesaid protection should secure the data against unauthorised disclosure and interception, processing against the law and alteration, loss, damage or destruction.
  5. If the User uses the website www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl in an unacceptable manner, against the law, the Personal Data Controller has the right to process Personal Data to the extent necessary to determine the User’s liability while securing relevant evidence.

Article 6
Access to Personal Data

  1. The following have access to Personal Data: the Personal Data Controller, employees and persons rendering services to the Service Provider in connection with the supply of electronic services using the website: www.jgbs-kancelaria.pl, as well as IT specialists, website maintenance and administration companies.
  2. The extent of access of the aforesaid persons is determined by the Personal Data Controller.
  3. The Personal Data Controller is obliged to ensure protection over the type of personal data entered and processed, time limit and manner of processing the same, and the person authorised to process such data.
  4. The Personal Data Controller keeps records of persons authorised to process personal data. The persons authorised to process the data are obliged to keep secret the data and methods of securing the same.

Article 7
User rights

  1. A natural person whose data are processed by the Personal Data Controller has the right to access his/her personal data as well as change and request removal of the same on terms provided in the Act on Protection of Personal Data, provided that the Personal Data Controller has the right to further process personal data pursuant to the law.
  2. The User has the right to view and correct his/her personal data.
  3. The User can withdraw the consent to process his/her personal data for marketing purposes at any time, by way of written notice sent to the address of the Law Firm. The withdrawal should be effected by way of email sent to: kancelaria@jgbs.pl.





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