For the Heads of Legal Departments

Our experience managing legal departments, international groups and corporations makes our law firm the perfect partner to support your Legal Department.

We know how particular corporate processes work and what is expected of us. As legal practitioners with experience working in corporate legal departments, we do not agree with the opinion that such departments do little but generate costs; just the opposite – your Legal Department, with support from our law firm, will bring real benefits to your Company and help stimulate revenue growth.

Our employees support and relieve the workload of Legal Departments by providing expertise and solutions in specialist legal issues. Our approach to the tasks entrusted us goes beyond purely legal aspects: we focus on the challenges our Clients face, viewing problems from the perspective of the business and the Client’s needs.

In facilitating the work of Legal Department managers and collaboration between Legal Departments and our law firm, we use a wide array of tools, described below.

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We create innovative solutions that facilitate the work of our Clients. We provide proprietary tools designed for the needs of heads of legal departments and their employees.

Dedicated helpline

For Directors of legal departments we launch a helpline through which they will be able to ask bothering questions to specialists in finance and accounting. Immediate expert support will help if you go through complicated legal and financial processes.

Magazine for the Heads of Legal Departments

The magazine will be available online in the first quarter of 2018. We will discuss a broad variety of legal issues, notify you of changes to the law, finance. We will show new tools for directors of legal departments and present profiles of well-known company lawyers.

Find a specialist

Our secondment service will provide your company with specialists and experts who will help you complete even the most complex tasks. Entrepreneurs using the secondment service save their time, money and they gain fast and reliable access to know-how of rented specialists.


Our proprietary system provides Clients with continuous access to all case materials they have entrusted us. After logging on, the Client can view any materials prepared by our law firm as well as submit and exchange documents. We provide access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exchange of experiences

Service will be available soon.