A joint project of JGBS Biernat & Partners and the From the Depths Foundation

Together with the From the Depths Foundation, we became involved in an extraordinary project. We decided to help the Jews who were saved during World War II to find a place where the Polish priest saved hundreds of lives. We would like to thank lawyers and archivists from our team of Israeli Desk, whose diligent and arduous actions have enabled this important initiative to be implemented.

The story begins with the figure of Marceli Godlewski, a Polish priest who thanks to his heroic attitude saved hundreds of Jews during the Second World War. His activity is connected with the All Saints Church, which was in the Warsaw ghetto during the German occupation. It was there that the priest worked for the Jewish community, running eatery, issuing false baptism certificates, and giving Jews shelter in the rectory. In July 2009 he was posthumously honored with the Righteous Among the Nations medal.

From the priests who are currently running the All Saints’ Parish in Warsaw, we learned that they had never personally encountered any Jews saved by Father Godlewski and the Polish underground, including the notorious Henryk Iwański, „Bystry”.

Our team in cooperation with Johnny Daniels reached Joe Erlichster, whose mother was saved by Father Marceli Godlewski. We helped organize the visit of Mr. Erlichster to the place where the Polish priest helped save his mother.

This important and necessary meeting resulted in a joint initiative of the JGBS Biernat & Partners Law Firm and the From the Depths Foundation, which aims to honor Father Marcel Godlewski for endangering life and saving so many lives.